What is Collagen?

Collagen is naturally produced protein in our bodies and makes up more than one one-third of total protein in the body and 70% of protein found in skin. It acts as building block for skin, bones, muscles, joints and connective tissues.

Collagen production begins to slow down as we age.As a result, the signs of ageing starts to set in, in the form of visible fine lines and wrinkles. Also, collagen loss with age results -in weaker joints and bones,fragile nails and feeble hair.

So, it is important to make collagen a part of your daily diet to support your body to overcome collagen loss with age.

Can I get collagen from plants ?

As of now, there is no known source of vegan collagen.

Are Collagen Products safe?

Since ages, Collagen has been viewed as a fountain of youth. Adding Collagen to your diet in the from of supplements is a safe and effective way to improve the health of skin and joints.

What is hydrolyze collagen?

Hydrolyzed means the collagen has been broken down, making it easier for you to absorb and allows the powder to dissolve with ease in both hot and cold liquid.

What Age Should I Start Taking Collagen Supplements?

There is no defined age to start consuming collagen. However, we encourage young adults to include these products in their lifestyle. For children and lactating mothers, we recommend consulting the paediatrician before consuming collagen.

How Should I Store Collagen?

It is recommended to store in a cool, dark area away from moisture.

Is Collagen Safe for Breastfeeding/Expecting Moms?

Consult a healthcare professional before consuming in case of breastfeeding/expecting moms.

How Many Grams of Collagen Should I Take?

10-12 gm of collagen per day

What is the difference between Collagen Builder or Pure Collagen?

Collagen builders are which are often called as vegan collagen or plant-based collagen contain ingredients that can help our body to produce natural collagen but they are not as effective as collagen supplements.

Meanwhile, Pure collagen is a high quality source of collagen peptides derived from fish. It supplies protein that is vital to the integrity of our structural tissues such as skin, hair, bones, tendons, and ligaments.

How Collagen is different from whey protein?

Whey protein is sourced from milk and contains BCAAs making is useful for muscle recovery, growth, and synthesis. Whereas, collagen contains Hydroxyproline which is specifically beneficial for the skin, hair nails, bones and joints health

However,Combined with a healthy diet, both whey protein and hydrolyzed collagen seem to have promising benefits.


What’s in for me?

Natures Island brings you the ready to mix formulated premium blends of world-renowned nutraceuticals and popular Indian herbs that can be easily absorbed by the body.

Our collagen-based formulations are infused with herbs, essential vitamins and nutraceuticals for Healthy Aging, stronger Bones & Joints and younger-looking skin.

I’m new to collagen. What product should I start with?

If you are new to collagen then you should first identify your need. If it’s all about skin then you can start with NI Collagen Skin formula. If it’s about joint health, then NI Collagen Ultimate bone Joint Formula is the right product. And if you are looking to maintain active life style, then NI Collagen Hydrolysed Marine is the perfect fit.

Where can I buy Nature Island products?

You can simply buy from our website, Amazon, Flipkart or 1 mg.

Which Type of Collagen we use in our products?

Our premium blends contain marine collagen derived from fish scales.

Are Nature Island products Fat and Sugar-free?

Our products are not only sugar and trans fat free but also Gluten free and Non GMO.

Do Nature’s Island’s products work?

A big yes!! Our products are clinically tested and proven to show results, whether you’re looking to support your skin, your hair, your nails or your joints.

How soon I can see the results?

Physical differences start appearing in 15 days. For best results, consume one scoop daily for 12-15 weeks.

What is the difference between the Marine Collagen and Bovine Collagen?

The major difference is the source. Bovine (beef) collagen is a type 1 and 3 collagen product sourced from cow hides. It is relatively inexpensive and is typically used to improve gut and joint health.

Marine (fish) collagen is made from fish skin and scales and contains primarily type 1 collagen. Marine collagen has high bioavailability, is sustainably produced, and in clinical studies has been shown to help reduce wrinkle depth and increase skin moisture levels.

What is the difference between the Skin Formula and Bone Joint Formula?

Nature’s island skin care formula is the blend of Collagen powder with hyaluronic acid, Biotin, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E which makes it a perfect blend to improve skin elasticity, reduce fine lines & wrinkles depth, boost skin hydration and lend natural glow on skin.

Nature’s island bone joint care formula is the blend of Collagen powder with Glucosamine, Hadjod and Vitamin D3 which makes it a perfect blend to support mobility, flexibility and health of bones & joints. It helps people to maintain active lifestyle by providing smoother joint functioning, encounter stiffness and pain, perform high athletic activities with ease.

Should I take collagen after a workout? Does it have the same beneficial muscle effects as something like whey?

Combined with a healthy diet, both whey protein and hydrolyzed collagen seem to have promising benefits for bodybuilders. While whey protein may support faster muscle growth than collagen, both improve muscle growth and recovery. Collagen seems to be more effective than whey when it comes to injury recovery and the rebuilding of connective tissues and structures in the body.

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